Blog 41 – Dr. Jekyll and Mx. Hyde

Blog 41 – Dr. Jekyll and Mx. Hyde

With Halloween just around the corner, I thought it would be pertinent to write about all things Goblins and Ghouls.

Though I am personally not one to dress up for this particular holiday, there are times when I find donning a new outfit or persona highly beneficial. And since this is PDX Strength’s blog, one such example of this is in the gym.

It shouldn’t come as much surprise to anyone that’s taken a class from me that I (the coach) am a huge fan of failure. BUT what may or may not come as a surprise is that I (the person) fear failure as much as any one else. Let’s face it any number of things can send little goosebumps (or, as I recently learned, some people may know them as goosepimples — seriously if you call them goosepimples we need to have a conversation…) running all over your body as the little devil/goblin/ghoul/grim reaper/troll in your ear reminds you of the impending doom that’s just an attempt away. 1 rep maxes? SCARY. New gymnastics skills? SPOOKY. High box jumps. FREAKY AF (not to mention sometimes the gym version of Hollywood gore).

There are many tricks that one can use to overcome this little devil. Positive self-talk, a little lifting routine, a hearty smack from your lifting partner… You’ve seen (or tried) all of these in some way shape or form, and all can be employed at different times to your benefit. But that’s not really the thing we’re talking about. No, the thing we’re talking about is approaching the bar as a different person (or being, depending on what you’re in to) and finding your Mx. Hyde. Need extra strength? Be a superhero (but “no capes,” as Edna Mode says). Need to jump out of the gym? A spaceship. Need to swing from the rings like you never have before? An orangutan. 

It doesn’t actually matter what you pick here. It matters that you have a moment to yourself in which the little angel (or other existential being that suits you) on the other shoulder beats the shit out of the doubt that’s entered your mind. And you go berserker or, to circle back to the title, all Mx. Hyde on whatever task is in front of you.

Be careful though. The more time you spend as whatever mystical super being fits your alter ego, the more it over takes you. Then the only thing to fear is what you might become.


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