Ankle Mobility and Strength Exercises

As requested, lets talk about Ankles! We all have em, and most of us have had some type of sprain/twist in the past….
Here are few mobility and strength exercise that I try to sprinkle in my workouts/warmups.
Enjoy! xoxo
pike squats- gentle bounce with straight legs ( feet together) gentle bounce at bottom of squat, lift heels off the ground to get those achilles
band dorsiflexion stretch- use a band or towel and pull your toes toward your shins
knee wall touches- See how far you can bring your foot from the wall, but keeping the knee touching the wall and gently stretch.
downward dog- gently try to get your heels to the floor- you can pedal you feet out too
calf raises- toes out, toes in, feet neutral
single leg calf raises
lateral hops
single leg hops
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