Fall Schedule

Blog 38 – Fall Schedule – Thanks!  

Well, we’re mostly through the first week of the new schedule. We’ve moved indoors for the foreseeable future due to many factors – most notably the weather – AND we’ve added a number of new classes to accommodate the limited class size. Fear not for those still enjoying the zoom classes, those are still available and recordings have been posted on the website and social meeds. 

This real purpose of this blog is to be a shout out and thank you to our members. You’ve done a great job finding a new routine, staying connected with us, and generally making the most out of a really funky situation. I want to also give a special shout out to the folks that have come in to the gym this week. 

Logistically, the coaches are trying to come up with plans of action that keep you safe and follow the recommended guidelines of indoor activity, but the best plans don’t always come to fruition. We never know how the flow of class will interact with or disrupt our intentions. And for any folks that cam to Nigel’s little “welcome to conditioning indoors with masks” burpee and rowing WOD, you have a really good understanding of what GSC classes will look (and feel) like throughout the fall. 

For those of you that have yet to come in yet, I would encourage you to do so if you’re wondering about how it all plays out – even if that means you just come for a visit or just to pop your head in to check it out. I, for one, have been skeptical about how all of this will go down; trying to be relatively cautious through the whole thing with my own health conditions to consider. I do feel more comfortable after seeing how committed our membership as a whole have been to maintaining the order of the gym. I shouldn’t be surprised that all of our members have been very gracious; helping clean their equipment, keeping their own distance from other members, and generally working towards making us, as a community, safer.  It hasn’t gone unnoticed, and it’s very much appreciated. 

I know that I’ve made a large “everyone is happy” claim here, and I’m aware that that isn’t likely the case. So we always want to leave the line open for feedback here too. Please let us know about all things new schedule, cleanliness, protocols, etc. 

Happy October! 


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