Fall Goals

Blog 36 – Fall Goals 

Welp. The smoke is clearing. Fall colors have appeared in Forest Park. And we’ve rotated the schedule and added more classes/options at PDX Strength starting next week – just in time for the fall rain to drive us inside. With all these changes, we’re also going to start talking about goals, or as the last blog called them, beautiful beaches and lagoons. 

We do this every-so-often at the gym, sometimes we all have a group goal or others we allow you to select them yourself. This fall is going to err towards being all about you, with perhaps weekly and monthly challenges for all of us – a la the wildly successful team challenges that we started at the beginning of the shut downs (Results are still being calculated, if you are wondering which team “won.”).

I’m going to avoid repeating the SMART formula here. Not because I don’t think there is value to it, which there is, but I assume you already know the formula AND I assume you’ll hear it from someone else. I could be wrong in both of those assumptions, but now I assume you’re reading this on some device that includes Google. No, this blog is more or less going to be a list of questions to ask yourself as you think through what’s a good idea AND what’s particle. This, to me, is the crux of goal setting (it should also surprise no one at this point that the only thing structured goal setting does for me is structurally plan for shit that just isn’t going to happen.)

So in light of that, I’d rather let you have an open dialogue with yourself or, perhaps, your coach around the following – This is not an extensive list:

  • Why do I want this goal? 
  • What will achieving this goal allow me to do? 
  • Could I achieve this in a different way?
  • How will I have to change my current routine to reach this goal?
  • Am I willing to change what I am currently doing to prioritize this goal?

After you’ve filtered your thoughts through these questions, you should have a smaller and more attackable list of goals. At this point, go nuts with whatever structure you need – SMART formulas, color codes, phone reminders, et al. 

More questions? You know whom to call. 


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