Tuesday Home Workout

Happy Tuesday Strength tribe. Excited to find some time to share a workout with you.
Grab a light set of dumbbells, set your timer for 3-4 rounds, 40 seconds work and 20 rest. ( I like to use the free pushpress timer app on my phone)
pike squat calf pulses
db down dogs plank rows
db jump jacks combo  ( Don’t let your dumbbells go any higher than shoulder level)
db pushup and plank jack combo
db triceps kickback step backs
plank jump in and backs
square hops
Like these moments? These are a sample of things we offer in our zoom classes. Taking a zoom class is a fun way to push yourself with a group in the comfort of your own home. What’s cool about our zoom classes is that you workout with a coach that can offer modification and scaling options and keep their eye on your form. It’s a structured way to get your workout in and you can choose whether or not your want your camera on or off while you workout.
“It’s really hard for me to have the motivation to workout by myself, zoom classes give me that group workout experience with a coach watching. It’s super convenient and I can stay safe during all this pandemic stuff”
Sharing is Caring!