Blog 25 – Weekly Challenge – Thank You!

Blog 25 – Weekly Challenge – Thank You!

Short and sweet today, Tribe!

First, a quick announcement: It’s Week 13, and one week until we have the opportunity to participate in workouts in person. If you haven’t already, check out the temporary requirements that will be put in place on the website. This system will likely have its flaws, and may result in some uncomfortable conversations as a result. This is not by design, but because we don’t have all the answers. New information will likely result in changes to these protocols. Our number one goal is to keep our members as safe as possible. Please keep this in mind as we navigate this new process together. We have a coaches’ meeting on Thursday, June 11. Please let your coach know if you have additional comments that we can discuss. 

Lastly, we are so grateful for each member that has continued to support our community in various ways throughout this process. While we aren’t in the clear by any means, we have the confidence to move forward together through this. While the PDX Strength Community is managed by Jocelyn and her motley crew of coaches, it doesn’t get to this point without any of you; with each of you giving our community a little piece of shine, sparkle, joy, and maybe even a little grime. You’ve shaped our beliefs, our character, and our personality, and we are optimistic about us growing and evolving with you. And for that we appreciate you. 

This week’s challenge is to share gratitude with someone (or something) that has given you a little piece of sparkle by shaping your beliefs, character, and personality. It takes a community to raise a child, and it certainly takes a great support structure to challenge our beliefs, grow, and continue our own personal evolutions. To add a little bit of effort in this, let’s say that to earn an individual point you must do something like:

  • Send a hand written note
  • Send a gift
  • Send flowers
  • Anything with a little more formality than a text message or a phone call. 

So there you have it. Short and to the point. Thank you for being you. Please share your thoughts with your coaches so that we can talk through it during our coaches meeting.



Sharing is Caring!