Wednesday Home Workout

Good morning strength tribe. Here’s one of my favorite bodyweight workouts. Let me know if you try it out, tag us on your stories! I love seeing you guys get after it at. Have a blessed day and see you soon! xoxo
5 rounds
Hip swivels 10-20  total reps: Keep your elbows on the floor as you drop your hip towards the floor and use your obliques to swivel your hips to the other side. Try 10-20  total reps
Lateral wall walks 30-40 seconds: Try to stay smooth and keep your hollow body position so your back doesn’t arch. If these are too hard, get into a plank on the floor and lateral walk.
Dive bomber pushups 5-10 reps: The key to these is to keep your elbows in! If they are flaring out, try this movement from your knees.  I love this exercise, one of my favorite for sure.
Surrenders 10-20 total reps: You can add weights to this one if you want. Start in a tall kneeling position and alternate stepping up from the floor. Drive through your whole foot so you can engage the glutes and hamstrings.
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