Thursday Home Workout

I’m back with a full body workout for when you are feeling like getting in some strength work. The workout is broken up, with an upper body circuit followed by a lower body segment. Let me know how it goes if you give it shot. Have a wonderful day. Remember movement is medicine. xoxo
Upper Body:
3 rounds
One minute work, 30 sec rest between movements
 One Minute: 2 pushups, 2 opposite knee to elbow crunches, 2 knee taps, 2 shoulder taps
One Minute: 2 Mini dips with 2 crab kicks
One Minute: Bodyweight Rows ( you can use dumbbells and substitute a db row)
Lower Body
3 rounds
One Minute work, 30 sec rest between movements
One Minute: Wall Sit with db raise ( you can use anything – even a can of soup)
One Minute: Squat Jumps  ( you can do goblet squats or air squats )
Natural Leg extensions  Keep your ribs locked down, and spin neutral. Don’t arch your back and use your quads to pull you back up to starting position. Stay within a range you can move without your back arching.
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