Blog 23 – Weekly Challenge… Black Lives Matter

Blog 23 – Weekly Challenge… Black Lives Matter

Hello Strength Tribe, 

There are very few words that are appropriate to describe the events of the last week. We are sad, angry, and heartbroken that our country cannot pull its head out of our collective ass; feelings that do not compare to the pain and anger felt by marginalized communities across the country, nor do they give them justice. It is our hope that PDX Strength’s stance as a business is clear, and while not perfect by any means we invite the conversation from any member at any time to make our space more inclusive and safe. We opened as a gym for everyone, and will continue to do the work to stay that way.  

Our challenge for each of you this week is to take steps towards being an ally and understanding how this movement affects us individually. Not for points this week, instead for our neighbors, friends, and communities. We understand that each of us connects to this differently, so opportunities at various levels, include:

  • Nationally
    • Read the Guide to Allyship (
    • Find resources regarding the tenants of intersectionality (
    • Visit the Black Lives Matter website (
    • Donate to a national social justice organization
    • Read books by black authors
    • Follow black leaders on social media
  • Locally
    • Work to better understand the planning/development of the City of Portland ( OR
    • Visit or support local businesses (!directory/ord=rnd)
    • Donate to a local social justice organization
    • Protest by means which you feel comfortable doing so
    • Take the Census and/or urge others to do so
    • Call your local politicians/Vote
  • Within the fitness industry
    • Explore Decolonizing Fitness (

Progress is not easy, and while we often don’t have control of our surroundings we do have control of our responses, actions, and intentions. We all have work to do. 

Sharing is Caring!