Thursday Home Workout

Hey Strength Tribe! I’m excited about sharing this workout I did yesterday. It will light up your midline and glutes. The only piece of equipment I’m using is a booty band for the wall sits abductions… if you don’t have a band, no worries you can do the movement without it.
Try for 5 rounds:
Side plank leg raises  10-20 reps per side:  ( I have my lower knee on the floor in the video. This actually lights up my glute med more this way because I’m using my hip to keep my body up. If you want to challenge your core more,  you can take it to a side plank without putting the knee on the floor- up to you)
Plank Wall Walks- 3-5 reps:  These are actually harder than they look. I start in a plank with my feet on the wall- walk up my feet and lower to the plank WITHOUT bringing my feet to floor. You might not be able to hold  a plank with your feet on the wall, no worries! The last video is an inchworm variation you can do instead.
Wall Sit Booty Band Abductions  20- 30 reps:  Put the band above your knees. Get in a wall sit and abduct your legs ( move them away from each other) so you feel your glute meds burn.
Have a radical day and looking like we will be in phase one mid June!
Sharing is Caring!