Blog 21– Week 11… Challenge.

Blog 21 – Week 11… Challenge.

I hope you all had a nice weekend and were able to enjoy some semblance of a 3-day/holiday weekend. And, for those who have lost track of time, days, and are somewhat experiencing an extended holiday for the last 12 weeks, I hope you were able to be productive in your own ways. I, somewhat, fall into the extended weekend category (Kimmy might tell you that it’s a philosophy I live by – a choice more than anything). We are on a kick of painting our walls, and doing our best to stick to a “1-room/weekend” standard. Pink bedroom, orange creamsicle accent wall in the living room. I’m digging it…. But I’m also rambling. 

If you had the opportunity to try “Murph,” we’d be interested in hearing how it went. Let your coaches know about your experience. Many thoughts arise during a workout like that, and it’s somewhat cyclical:

Mile 1 – “I’ve totally got this!”

A quarter of the way through the gymnastics – “I can’t believe I have ‘X’ push-ups left.”

Half-way through – “I’m gonna die.”

Three quarters of the way through – “I only have ‘X’ push-ups left.”

Mile 2 – “I’m gonna die, but I’ve totally got this!”

If you think about it at a macro-level… This is somewhat of what is happening now during the shut-down (Lock down? Isolation? What’s a good word for this? Most of the words that are commonly used suck or have been totally bastardized… to suck. Help me out with a better term… I’m rambling again. #wordcount). We entered a new and unknown situation (Mile 1). There has been a range of emotions throughout the experience with definite peaks and valleys. These points fall sporadically, and often take us by surprise (Non-linear bouts of exhaustion and boosts of inspiration. Mile 1? Push-up 100?). But we continue to move forward with the days until we start seeing new opportunities (The finish is in sight!). It’s this writer’s position that new opportunities are the byproduct of your new perspective and NOT because Governor Brown introduced a phase plan. Sure, that’s part of the equation, but we are different people today than we were 12 weeks ago. If we look back to a few blogs, I’ve touched a little bit about what happens to us when we chose to recreate. Most of the time, if we’re paying attention and listening to ourselves, we are either creating or reinforcing a scenario of learning – failing, changing, and trying again (READ: Grit by Angela Duckworth). And while you might come at me with exercise and a pandemic aren’t the same thing. I’ll say, “That’s absolutely true. But our brains don’t know that.”

Aaaaaannnnnddddd finally on to the challenge for the week. I’m going to continue the “review” challenge, BUT we are going to extend the point system so that you receive an additional point for EVERY local business that you take the time to support. That’s right, folks… AN INFINITE NUMBER OF POINTS AVAILABLE (I wish I could “SEND WITH FIREWORKS” here…). 

So there you have it. Believe in yourself, support local purveyors (especially the ones in our community at PDX Strength!), and have a great week!


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