Thursday Home Workout

Coach Christie is taking a break this week to recover from surgery. I know you miss her workouts and are probably sick of me, but here is another home workout you can do with just one single light dumbbell, or even a can of soup etc. Grab something 3-10 lbs and it will work just fine. This workout is a bit upper body and core biased, so it will work well if you did the 250 squat workout we did yesterday!  Hope you enjoy and have a blessed day campers! Keep moving, it will pick up your spirits and health. Miss you all xoxo
Do 5 rounds
Single arm triceps press 8-12 repetitions per arm. Keep your elbow pointing straight up and slowly the lower the bell, then raise it, firing your triceps the muscles in the back of your arms. Oh and don’t hit your ceiling like I almost did! haha
Side plank with Db raise 5-10 repetitions per side. Go slow and smooth. If you need to make this a bit easier. Place your bottom knee on the floor so that you can stay in a strong side plank. Make sure your elbow is right under your shoulder and keep your neck “long”.
2 pushups one wall walk 3 repetitions:  You can always do your pushups from the knees and only walk up the wall as far as you feel comfortable. You don’t have to go all the way up. As you get stronger, you will be able to walk closer to the wall. Stay smooth so your legs don’t come crashing down when you walk back to your plank.
Wall Sit with Db raise 8-12 repetitions: Do these slow so that you have to stay in the wall sit for a challenging amount of time.
single arm row and press in plank: 5-6 repetitions per side. Squeeze your shoulder blade into your spine on the row, and then smoothly continue the movement and press up towards the ceiling. Use your core and if it’s too hard, place your knees on the floor.
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