BLOG 17 Team AND INDIVIDUAL Challenge Update. 

Team AND INDIVIDUAL Challenge Update. 

Well, as of this week Oregon is moving forward with a phased opening approach. While this doesn’t give us an opening date, and we (both Multnomah County and PDX Strength) might be the last to phase in, it DOES mean that we are a little bit closer to converging down by the river. Speaking of the river… I hope you all had a glorious Mother’s Day this weekend, and were able to get outside (safely) and enjoy the 80˚+ weather. We thought it was a good idea to take our new pup for swimming lessons, instead of painting our bedroom. While I conceded that the swimming lessons took 30 minutes and there is roughly 48 (or more) hours in a weekend, I will just say we feel very accomplished and no dogs were harmed in the process. 

But on to the Challenge – you know, the reason you’ve made it this far and past my rambling. I want to reiterate that the coaches would like to commend all of you for participating as you can and how you can. None of this is a race to the maximum points per week. We are trying to build some guidelines that we think continue to move us towards long-term physical activity. What you might be finding as the hardest part is trying to fit it all in somewhere. New routines bring, new priorities and uses of time.  It’s hard to exist in the same way with new circumstances. You should all give yourselves credit for moving forward through this without judgment. I do also want to acknowledge that some of you may not feel that way, and you may also be having more bad days than good. That is ok too. 

This week’s team challenge is going to circle back to a few blogs and one of the points in the challenge – no it doesn’t, directly, involve your pets… though I suppose it could:

  • For 5 points, you and team members must post/share photos of you trying something new, or doing something outside of working out that brings you joy. 

For example, for me I have been finding time to play guitar. I started taking lessons about a year ago, but have only recently (and many thanks to Fender for releasing their Play app during the shutdown) started to actually practice more diligently. Again, this isn’t going to be a gym related activity, but still would love the tags and hashtags. While this may seem to be somewhat of an off-brand challenge, don’t forget that we are always here for you as people first. You aren’t singular people, so we don’t expect your life to revolve around the gym. We’re on a path of growing brains AND butts. And you never have to workout to kick it. 

Also to show how serious we are about adding little jolts of inspiration in to our routines, we’re also adding points for individual achievement this week. So *drum roll* … *suspenseful pause* … 

In addition to the activities currently worth 1 pt (if you are in a great routine, keep it up!), each of the following will earn you an additional one point:

  • Drink 8 cups of water/day – this is about 96 ounces. If that seems like too much, you have the freedom to lower the amount you drink. In practical application this means that if you are all of a sudden having a hard time controlling your bladder (ex. waking up in the middle of the night not being able to make it through a meeting) you’re likely over your necessary daily intake. 
  • Read (anything) for 30 minutes, 3x/week.
  • Meditate for more any length of time 3x/week.

That’s right! We’re up to 13 total points for the week! For those triskaidekaphobics out there, I guess you better hope for extra credit zoom sessions…

Talk to you Thursday!

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