Tuesday Home Workout

Here is an active recovery or perfect beginner workout. I was feeling pretty beat up from all the classes I’ve been teaching and skating, so I wanted to do something light and get some movement in. Movement to me is truly medicine, it clears my mind, improves my mood and just sets the tone for the rest of my day.  You don’t have to go hard every day, and doing what feels good is really important. Your body needs to recover and rest. So if you need some active recovery, or just getting started, try this one out! Also shout out to my Mom, my biggest fan- Love to our Portuguese roots, and wearing my shirt with pride! xoxo
5 reps: inchworm walk out, pushup, downward dog, pushup, inchworm walk back. ( scale to pushups on the knees)
10 reps: Pike squats. Keep legs together and straight for a gentle bounce at the top, then squat down (it’s ok that heels come off the ground) and do a gentle bounce at the bottom of the squat.
10 reps: Bird Dogs. Go on all fours, raise your opposite arm and leg and hold it 5 seconds. Repeat on the other side. Try to keep your arm up by your ear, and hips level. Use your core to balance.
20 reps: Windshield Wipers. Lay down on your back, arms out to the sides. Don’t let your shoulder blades lift off the floor as you lower your legs to the side, use your obliques to bring the legs to the other side slow and controlled.
20 reps: Crab kicks with mini triceps dip. Do a small dip, raise up and then touch your opposite hand to leg. Try to be smooth, use your core to stay stable and balanced.
10 reps: Bridge lift with single leg lifts. Get in bridge position, lift up hips and squeeze your glutes, then lift right leg up 5 seconds, left leg 5 seconds. Try to keep your hips high when you lift your leg.  Lower back down and repeat.
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