Wednesday Home Workout

Wednesday’s home workout is all about the upper body. Minimal equipment required for this one. If you have a suspension trainer like a TRX, or pull-up bar that would be ideal, but you can sub with a set of dumbbells.
My goal during quarantine has to focus on quality of movement and not so much intensity. I am moving to feel good and give me a sense of accomplishment during these strange times. Listen to your body and keep moving! Miss your faces xoxo
I did 5 rounds:
20 side plank rotations on hand. If your wrists bug you, you can do these on your forearms too
10 rows or pull-ups. You can use a suspension trainer like me, or sub with weights and do dumbbell rows.  (last video)
10 Bench dips – fingertips pointing out to the sides, and keep those shoulders externally rotated and don’t let your elbows flare out.
3 Wall Walks – smooth and steady. Stay hollow!  You can do 5 inchworms, with a pushup if the wall walks are too much
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