Friday Home Workout

It’s Friday and we are back with a home workout that you can do with a barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, or even a broom stick. Thanks Courtney and Steve for taking the time to create this workout for our strength tribe. Have a lovely day campers and enjoy this beast of a workout!⠀
75 Thrusters for time, 5 burpees on the top of the minute every minute starting with the first until thrusters are complete! ⠀
The weight should be moderate and the Thrusters can be done with a barbell, 1 or 2 Dumbbells or Kettlebells. This is a spicy workout but if you’ve been missing lifting and especially squatting this is a good challenge!⠀
Scales for this workout 50 thrusters or 3 burpees every minute instead of 5
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