Thursday Home Workout

Ok gang this WOD is a mix of upper body, core, and mobility. Make sure to warm up your wrists really well by completing the wrist series before hitting this. Our wrist series warmup is provided on our YouTube – check the link in our bio.⠀
TABATA: (8x20s on/10s off)⠀
Rest 1:00 between movements ⠀
1: Twisting crab⠀
2: Sliding pushups* (alternate which arm slides)⠀
3: Crab dancers⠀
4: Sliding pikes ⠀
*Scale to knees on ground. Remember to maintain hollow and keep elbows in, this is a tough one and no shame in scaling!!⠀
? For the crab movements, focus on keeping the hips high and opening the shoulders. This should permit a stretch and activate your core stabilizing muscles as well as posterior chain, especially when face up.⠀
? For the sliding picks, maintain hollow throughout whole movement. When you are in the full pike, you should also feel a stretch in your hamstrings!
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