Wednesday Home Workout

Courtney and Steve are back! We’ve gotten a few requests for some workouts you can do with a Barbell, kettlebell or Dumbbells. So bring out the weights and let’s do the workout that’s called DT⠀
5 Rounds for time⠀
12 Deadlift⠀
9 Hang Power Clean⠀
6 Shoulder to Overhead⠀
Traditionally done with a barbell 105 and 155lbs but can also be done with 1 or 2 Dumbbells or Kettlebells. As always use what you have! This is a lifting only workout but also provides an aerobic challenge. Goal is to be steady and all round about the same pace!⠀
We filmed a round of DT w/ barbell, 1 kb and 2 db⠀
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