Blog 13 – Weekly Challenge… Swöle at Home. 

Blog 13 – Weekly Challenge… Swöle at Home. 

Weekly Challenge

All I have to say is that the pet photos have been officially submitted as my favorite challenge to date. If it were up to me, we’d just pack it in and continue this as are weekly challenge until social distancing becomes social togethering. Oh, wait… It is up to me.  But for the sake of variety, we’ll switch it up – and hold a “voluntary” (read: mandatory) requirement of pets being our biggest cheerleaders. So for this week, the team challenge is … post photos of your pe… Shit! 

The team challenge this week, is to take a photo in front of your favorite St Johns/North Portland establishment with your PDX Strength swag. Tag them and us on the meeds. Show some love for other local businesses; let them know The Tribe will be there for them as soon as they are able to return to business as usual  – Perhaps on your daily walk? Perhaps with your pet?! (Disclaimer: Please take all safety precautions necessary. If you are not comfortable doing this. Do not feel obligated to do so. You can always post a photo of your lovable little rascals instead.)

Swöle at Home

I heard through the grapevine that there was conversation about an at home Swöle class. For those that don’t know by now, Swöle is our class that sits at the foundation of strength training – carry, drag, throw – and often touted (by me) as our heaviest class. It’s an all-level class because even though it’s “heavy” the skill involved is extremely low when compared to the other movements we do in class. Couple that with the idea that the human body evolved to do these types of things, you’re left with a pretty fun and primitively gratifying work out. (I will also grant you that I am a completely bias source of information here. I pitched the class. I run coach the class. And as a few members have seen recently, it is a preferred method of movement for me. Again… you’re just gonna have to deal with that.) If you want to give it a try at home, here’s a little WOD for you:


5 Couch Lifts (Lift one end of the couch until the hip is at full extension – think tire flip/deadlift here… check for pets)

3 Walk Walks/Wall Climbs (Modify to 18 shoulder taps; either in a box handstand or plank)

100 ft Odd Object Carry (Shoot for about :45 to 1:00 if you don’t have a 100ft runway. If you don’t have a heavy-ish object, find something awkward or challenging to hold; other objects could be pots, pales, benches, side tables, stuffed suitcases or laundry baskets, pet food bags… maybe take a pic of them chasing you down… bet you thought I was done talking about the pets, didn’t you?… Didn’t you!?)

Generally, we won’t get a much acute muscle fatigue or soreness working out this way, but our whole body and central nervous system will feel tired or exhausted. Give it a go. Be creative. Let your coaches know what you think. 

Have a great week! Talk to you all on Thursday!


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