Tuesday Home Workout

Time for your Tuesday home workout. No equipment required for this one. Move through this workout continuously at a steady pace. Focus on quality of movement.
Set your timer for 20 minutes and see how many rounds you get through.
***20 Handstand Shoulder taps (scale to pike shoulder taps which will be the last video) Stay in your hollow body. If you feel jerky and not smooth, reduce the reps to 10 or do the pike shoulder taps
***10 knuckle pushups – These are great for wrist strength. Scale to your knees if you are not staying in a strong plank position. Don’t let your elbows flare out and keep your shoulder externally rotated stacked on top of your wrists for a vertical forearm.
***20 lunge pulses per leg: Don’t go up too high so you keep the time under tension for the whole 20 reps. Make sure you are driving through the floor with entire  front foot so you are feeling your glutes and hamstrings. If you just press through the balls of your feet, you will be using mostly your quads.  Scale back to 10 reps if 20 is too much.
***20 Russian twists: Keep a long spine and make sure you feel your obliques engage every rep. Don’t use momentum, focus on using that core!
***20 Wall sit kick ups or wall sit: Bring your legs closer than you would for a typical wall sit. Try to keep these smooth and not jerky. Push your whole back into the wall as you lift your leg. If these are too hard do a 40 second wall sit.
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