Wednesday Home Workout

30:00 skill emom (10 round of each)⠀
1. :20- :30 handstand hold⠀
2. :10 – :30 hollow or tuck hold⠀
3. :20 scale right side/ :20 scale left side ⠀
*aim for quality not quantity ⠀
*pets are a great distraction⠀
Check out the wrist series on our youtube (link in bio) to warm up your wrists.⠀
Make sure to not arch your back on the Handstand. ⠀
Press your lower back into the floor on those hollow holds.⠀
Keep every muscle engaged on the scales. These are surprisingly hard if you do them right. ⠀

If you have any questions about the workouts don’t hesitate to DM me for a more detailed explanation. We are here for you!

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