First Week of Team Challenges

Hello PDX Strength Tribe, 

Welcome to Week #3! By now, one of the coaches at PDX Strength should have contacted each of you. This coach will serve as your contact and a little accountability to help you stay connected throughout our time away from the gym. To extend the fun, and maybe a little more accountability we are developing a little competition between teams. While certainly optional, we wanted to “gameify” your fitness in the hopes that it can help you stay engaged, committed, and frankly a little sane. 

The teams and names are as follows (hashtags/team cheers/secret -socially distant- handshakes encouraged):

  • Christie – CHOMA-19
  • Courtney – The Quaranteam
  • Laura – The Apocolifters (many of you may have seen the logo already!)
  • Dylan – The Questions of the Day/ QOTDs

The competition will function similarly to the challenge that we did at the beginning of the year, except that you will have one week to complete your challenges and report back to your coach how you did. The goal here is to have fun, socialize, and stay engaged with your teams to support each other. 

The each of the following earns you 1 point:

  • Complete 3 workouts/week. – a workout will be considered anything that is an deliberate and dedicated time for movement
  • Complete 1 yoga session/week. – while someone is going to jump down my throat about how yoga is a workout, all I’m going to say here is, “Deal with it. I’m writing the blog.”
  • Cook 2 meals from scratch. – If you live with a teammate and cook together, then your target is 3. Also, anything FROM SCRATCH counts – cakes, cookies… All fair game. 
  • Have 3 virtual calls with folks that you are close with – teammates count!
  • Take a 15-minute walk daily – It rains here people. Plan accordingly.
  • Journal for 5 minutes 3x/week. 
  • Go “screenless” for one evening.
  • Invite a non-member friend to do a virtual bootcamp with PDX Strength.
  • Take a nap. 
  • Try something new.

There will be a 5-point team challenge, this week’s is:

  • Create a team logo. (Congrats to you, Apocolifters!)

We are still working out the overall details here with more to come. Thanks for being a part of our team at PDX Strength!


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