Tabata Home Workout

It’s the weekend! This was the workout programmed for Friday and it’s a perfect one to share with everyone staying at home. For more home workouts and blog advice check out the link in our bio where we will continue to provide as much support as possible. Also, I suggest the sooner the better checking out equipment if you are a member. Just come by while we are providing classes, check the mind body schedule for current classes. xoxoxo
Push Press Timer:

Tabata – 4 minutes each exercise –

20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds


-Squat hold at parallel

-Plank hold

-Hollow hold or tuck (Pick a variation you cansustain)

-Arched body hold



You’ll perform all 8 rounds of squat holds beforemoving onto the plank and so on.

If plank is easy for you then attempt planche
Sharing is Caring!