Fight Cancer: Battle Series

In the past we have participated in the Everyday Warrior battle series as a gym, and programmed the workouts during Group Strength and Conditioning classes. This year the format has changed, and it will be too complicated to program into our GS&C classes because the battle series is now a team format. Trying to schedule a day/time to meet with your partner during the week might already be a challenge, but also trying to make it to the day we program it as a gym is going to make it rough with logistics… So we are encouraging you to find a partner, register and do the workouts anytime during that week (best option is open gym but we know that might not work for everyone). That way, the athletes that want to continue the tradition and challenge themselves in a competition type workout can participate. Here is the link for information and registration: 2019 Battle Series Registration IF you don’t know what the Everyday Warrior charity is all about, please check out this link: Every Day Warrior

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