Stand Up Paddle Board Classes are Back

Summer is right around the corner and that means it’s time to get on the water for some fitness! This year we will offer SUP Fitness on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:45 pm and Saturdays at 11:30 am. We will also offer a monthly Yoga SUP class on the following Sundays at 11:30 am: June 30, July 21 and August 18.

Classes are 60 minutes, and will combine paddling with strength and conditioning activities. Just like our PDXstrength strength and conditioning classes, each class is unique, fun and challenging for all levels. Intervals, battle of the paddle, relays, circuits, and balance challenges are just some of the fun that you will experience all summer long. Price includes use of board, paddle, leash, whistle and life jacket. Classes are designed for all levels, both experienced paddle boarders and newbies can be accommodated.

 Key points and FAQ’s

Cost: $25 for 60 minute lesson and class. Includes: Paddle board, Life jacket, a short introduction to paddle boarding on land.

FAQ’s for SUP Fitness:
If I have never been on a SUP can I still attend the class?

YES! We will do an introduction to paddling before getting on your board allowing a short time to settle in on the water before class. Yoga will be set for all levels and modifications will be provided for both beginners and advanced paddlers.

What do I wear:
You can dress just like you would for a fitness or yoga class. Yoga pants, swimsuit/shorts, anything water wicking works well as you may get wet. Sunscreen, towel, water and water socks optional preference.

What if I can’t swim?
Life jackets will be provided for everyone’s use and will be required to at least have on the board. You are welcome to wear them during class and this will not take away from your experience.

Am I going to fall in?
The answer is probably not. However, when you are trying some of the more advanced techniques which will be optional, you may run a higher risk of getting wet…..FUN.

Can I bring my own board?
YES! Don’t forget your lifejacket, all must have a life jacket on or with them on board

Make sure to reserve and pay online prior to class with your Mindbody account: Here is the link to sign up: Stand UP Paddle Board Fitness Classes

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