Summer Run Club

We are excited to bring back our seasonal Running Club at PDXstrenth. Our run club is offered free to the community, and is for all levels. We will meet at PDXstrength on Sundays at 9:30 am. The first run will be June 2nd.

At PDXstrenth Run Club sessions, you’ll find encouragement, guidance, and a local crew of runners that’s main purpose is to socialize, get a little sweaty, and enjoy 2-4 miles at a comfortable pace. We’re not out to race, we just really like running with great people. All you’ll need to get going is a good pair shoes, a smile, and a signed waiver. There is no cost to join, just sign up on mind body so our coaches and volunteers know who is coming! This is for PDXstrength members and nonmembers.  This club is for those who love running or those who want to start running. We meet once a week and have different levels of running. This club is for all levels, and no matter what your pace… you are destined to have some fun times! Sign up here: Run Club

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