What’s in your gym bag?

What’s in my gym bag might not be what is in yours…but hopefully this might help those that are putting together their gym kit.  If a workout is gonna go bad, I don’t want to use my lack of preparation as my excuse… maybe just my lack of fitness haha!

Well here we go, in no particular order this is what is currently in my gym bag.

Jump Rope- I actually have two in my gym bag. That’s how neurotic I am about having the exact sized rope! If one breaks, I have the other one for back up. Having my own rope is crucial if I’m going to be doing a workout with double unders.

Athletic Tape-  I use tape all the time! If I’m doing muscle ups, I like taping my wrists. I also tape my thumbs on days we are doing lots of cleans, deadlifts or snatches… hello hook grip! Also if I have a cut on my finger, tape stays on way better than band aids when I get sweaty.

Gymnastics Grips-  Some days your hands just feel beat up, and gymnastics grips save the day! On high volume bar work, I will always use my gymnastics grips. Tearing up your hands is painful, and only sets your training back while you wait for your hands to heal.  I also have two pair in my gym bag. I hate having to break them in, so I have two pairs that are perfectly worn in, in case I misplace a pair.

Smash Packs and Bananas-  You know those days when you just haven’t had enough to eat? If I need a quick pre workout snack that isn’t gonna weigh me down, these work great! I also use them intra workout, if I am working out over an hour so I won’t bonk. I also use them post workout so I get some protein in (the smash packs have protein).

Knee Sleeves-  I really wish my knee sleeves didn’t stink so much, it’s the worst! But they provide my knees warmth and compression so sometimes I’ll suffer through their stench. I’ll wear them on days that we are doing a lot of squatting movements.  They also work great on rope climb days. I just slide them over my shins, and they protect from rope burn way better than long socks do.

Weightlifting shoes-  I don’t wear my weightlifting shoes all the time, but if we are gonna do strictly weightlifting or squats, I’ll use them. There are many benefits to wearing weightlifting shoes, that’s a whole other blog subject!

Weightlifting belt-  On heavy lifting days, I like to have my weightlifting belt. I try not to be reliant on it, but it does help me out on days we are going over 85%.

Water Bottle-  I think this one is pretty obvious haha, but staying hydrating is pretty key!

Some other items you might consider that I don’t have in my gym bag….  wrist wraps, long socks for rope climbs ( I use knee sleeves), straps for weightlifting, knee wraps ( different than knee sleeves) extra change of clothes, shaker bottle and protein powder for post workout gains, your workout journal  to log your workouts ( I use my phone),  pre workout for those extra tough workouts, sweat towel if you are prone to sweating a lot, deodorant on those smelly days, extra pair of socks, head phones, ibuprofen…   Like I said previously what is in my gym kit, may not be what is in yours….but it alway helps to be prepared. Then there are some days I forget my gym bag completely, and you know what? That’s life! Learning how to roll with the punches and being adaptable is also important as an athlete. Things aren’t always gonna go your way!  Let me know if I’m missing any crucial items in your gym kit! Thanks for reading and  hope this helps! Till next time campers!



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