Competitor Program


We are proud to offer competitor programming for athletes that are interested in maximizing their fitness at PDXstrength. If you want more than just an hour long class, if you are interested in fitness competitions, or want guidance to improve skills and strength necessary to be pushed to your full potential, our competitive program is your answer. Our PDXstrength athletes will have the option to upgrade their membership and have exclusive access to our thoughtfully designed Competitor Program. The cost is $25 per month. A typical day example of the Competitor Program will include our standard strength and conditioning “workout of the day” to ensure we keep our PDxstrength community training together, however it will also have additional strength/skill, conditioning and/or accessory work to be completed by you on the side three days a week. It’s important that all of our athletes at PDXstrength have the option for growth, and we want to give you the tools to take your fitness to the next level. Please be mindful of the normal classes going on and work around them without being a big distraction to the athletes in the class.

Our first day of competitor programming will start on October 9th. To sign up for our competitive programming please click here


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