September Updates

Karaoke Pizza Party! We hope to see everyone this Friday, September 8,  at 7:30 pm for our karaoke pizza party!  We will be providing beer ( bring a six pack if you want more than one), pizza and tons of laughs as we sing into the night! We will be raffling off some prizes to try to raise some funds for some new gym equipment! Can’t wait to see you all!

***Please be on the lookout for some schedule changes in September. We will be adding a new bootcamp class Friday afternoons at 4:30 pm starting September 29. Kettle bell club will be held Wednesday evenings instead of Tuesdays. ***

Skateboarding  Our last skateboarding session  of the season starts Saturday,  September 9  and ends Saturday, September 23. With Ted Schwallie and Tyler Brown coaching these classes, they are sure to be a blast! We have had such a great time so far coaching camps this summer! We have had campers gain confidence of the board, learn how to drop in, and many new friendships have been made! Cost is $50 for 3 classes on Saturday mornings. If the course dates don’t work with your schedule we offer private sessions or we can also prorate you for classes that you can attend. For more information on cost, dates and sign ups, please click here:  Skateboarding

Run Club  Our seasonal Free Running Club meets every Sunday at 9:30 am! This is our last month of run club, so try to be sure to squeeze in a few runs with us.  We will be going out to brunch after our last run, on September 24 to the Skyline Tavern, everyone is welcome!  There is no cost to join, just sign up so our coaches know who is coming! This is for PDXstrength members and nonmembers. Sign up for sessions here: Run Club

Build a Better Booty! Ready to build a strong, powerful and shapely butt? It is time to fire up those glutes, and learn how to activate those beautiful buns! Get ready to lift, shape and experience the best strength training program to activate those glutes.  This 5 week workshop series, will meet once a week. Big, powerful glutes are great, not just because they make you look good in a tight pair of jeans, but also, as all booty enthusiasts know, because a strong butt sets the stage for safe, heavy lifting in the gym, faster sprints, and a solid and injury-free lower back. More often than not, those with a strong set of glutes tend to display better movement patterns in the deadlift, squat, and a whole range of other exercises than those with a weak and flabby butt, and they also have lower incidence of back and knee pain. Since the GM is the largest muscle in the human body — and also at the center of the posterior chain — these observations don’t really come as a surprise.Cost is $80 for 5 classes.Classes will be held Monday nights at 7:30 pm starting September 11.  Sign up here for the most popular workshop series at PDXstrength:Build a Better Booty Workshop Series

PDX101 If you want to get started at PDXstrength our  PDX101 foundation series are the way to go!   Don’t miss your chance to enroll before these series  fill up in October!  PDX101 is our foundation series that will meet you at your current fitness level and get you prepared for our Group Strength and Conditioning classes. Cost is $220 for 16 classes, plus free access to open gym, kettle bell, yoga, run club,  and bootcamp classes for the duration of 101! Get started with this link:  PDX101. Don’t wish a year from now, you started today!

    Yoga  Our 8:30 am Sunday morning Yoga Class is designed to help our athletes improve their flexibility, mobility, and breath work. Yoga has amazing benefits, and will truly compliment the work we do at PDXstrength! Yoga classes are included with PDXstrength membership and nonmembers can pay a drop in rate to participate.   You can sign up for Yoga here: Yoga

Stand Up Paddle Board Fitness Have you tried one of our Stand Up Paddling fitness classes yet? There are 3 more weeks of classes offered this season, so if you have been on the fence about taking a class, now is the time to sign up!  For the month of September classes are only $39 including the use of a board!  Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is low impact, a great workout, and gets you on the water enjoying nature. These unique workouts will be a great way to spice things up, enjoy the outdoors and try something new! Beat the heat and get on the water for some fun, unique fitness! For more information on our SUP program and sign ups : Stand Up Paddle Board Classes


  • Olympic Weightlifting  Weightlifting classes will be back this September 27. Improve your power, speed, strength, and flexibility with Olympic-style weightlifting! This 6 week course will cover the Olympic lifts, the snatch and the clean & jerk, as well as assistance exercises for Olympic Weightlifting. Cost is $70 for 6 classes. Sign up for weightlifting here: Olympic Weightlifting 
  • Handstand Workshop with Ari! Ready to get stronger, get upside-downer? Practicing handstands are a fantastic way to build strength, flexibility and body awareness. In this series, students will learn a series of conditioning exercises to safely develop balance and alignment in handstands and other inversions. All bodies welcome, please notify instructor if you have hand or shoulder injuries.
     Ari’s  strengths-based teaching style supports students’ playful process of self-discovery in a way that is productive for raw beginners and practicing professionals alike.
     Ari’s goal is to help you discover all of the amazing things your body can do, just as it is today.He will offer support and wisdom as you work towards your goals for creative physicality.
     Cost is $120 for 6 classes. Classes are held Tuesdays at 6:30 pm starting September 12. Sign up  here: Handstand Workshop

    Gym Newbie Workshop  Have you ever been intimidated to use the weight room at the gym? Do you walk around the weight room, feeling insecure with self doubt cause you don’t even know where to begin? Do you have a gym membership, and just use the cardio machines? Not sure how to use or set up the equipment? Would you like to feel more confident and comfortable with lifting weights? Are you ready to get strong and fit? Would you like to be able to go to the gym, equipped with the knowledge and a plan so that you can actually get results? Well, here’s your solution!
    Perfect for absolute beginners, you will learn the basic compound barbell movements like the back squat, bench press, and deadlift in a safe and encouraging environment. We will teach you the proper way to perform these movements as well as how to set up your equipment, how to get out of a lift safely, and how to help spot others as they lift. You will also receive a free 4-week beginner’s strength program to implement your newfound knowledge!
    We want everyone to feel empowered and confident to walk into the gym with the basic knowledge of how to get stronger. No matter where you workout, your home gym, work, a big box gym…. This workshop will give you the necessary knowledge that you can use for a lifetime.
    Cost is only $19 for the 1.5 hour course. We will donate $2 for every sign up to the Kenton Women’s Village (Argyle Village) Class is held Saturday 11:30 am on October 14.
    Sign up here:   Gym Newbie 

    Member of the month!  Our September member of the month award goes to Julie Ocken! Julie just completed the Hood to Coast relay last week and is always out and about using her fitness outside of the gym. She’s definitely a hard worker in the gym and always has a great attitude in class. We love having her positivity in class and we are lucky to have her in our community. Give Julie a big high five next time you see her in class!
  • Sign up for the Everyday Warrior Battle Series   Hey Team, our gym will be participating in the Everyday Warrior Battle Series starting September 18. We will be doing the workouts on Mondays.  Our goal is to get 25 members signed up. So far we have 14  members! The battle series is a 3 week online challenge that raises money to help out fellow athletes battling cancer. Please consider signing up, no matter what your fitness level is, I promise that everyone can participate.  Every year this event brings our gym community together, and since we are doing the workouts anyway, you might as well sign up!  For more information and to sign up, click here: Everyday Warrior Battle Series

    **Future Workshops to look forward to:  Self Defense with Carol Boswell, Ski and Snowboard Drylands Training with Christie Choma

    **Save the Date for the PDX Powerlifting Night of the living Deadlift competition October 28!

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