Congrats to all of our competitors this month

I’m so proud of our PDXstrength family, breaking out of their comfort zones and dabbling in some local fitness competitions. Competing is a great way to stay motivated and put meaning behind your training. Competitive fitness can definitely be intimidating, but after your first competition you will realize that all levels can participate, they are super fun, they bring out your best and you learn a ton about yourself!  I like to participate in a few competitions per year, so that I have something to work towards, and  it motivates me to work on my weaknesses. I don’t compete to win, I compete to be a better version of myself and if I happen to do well, it’s icing on the cake. If you are curious about participating in any local, or online competitions like the Summer Lurong Challenge we are doing this month, don’t wait, don’t hesitate, don’t marinate, just take the plunge, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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