Saying Goodbye when a Member leaves

Saying goodbye to members has been one of the toughest parts of running PDXstrength. I guess the closest way to describe what I’m feeling must be what a parent feels when their child goes away to college….  There’s a mix of emotion, I’m sad they are leaving, excited for their new adventure, selfishly wishing I could be there while they continue to grow and learn…


When I say goodbye to a member, it’s like having your close friend move away. I spend more time with our members than anyone else really…  3-6 days a week, for months, years…. that’s a lot of time laughing, consoling, teaching, growing, sharing highs and lows…. I  always hope that our relationship will still grow, that we will be able to visit each other,  and that we can still celebrate our accomplishments in and out of the gym….  Nothing makes me happier than when a former member pops in for a visit, or a workout! It’s always such a treat knowing that they are still out there, not letting their fitness slip!

I hope that our  athletes are armed with the tools, education and training when they depart,  so that they can apply what they have learned at PDXstrength and make us proud!

Life is all about hellos and goodbyes….  but I always want to leave a mark and hope that with every member that we were lucky to coach,  and build a relationship with, they will always remember what they learned at PDXstrength… It makes my heart smile knowing that we were able to be a positive influence. Our mission is to help our members lead lives  that are healthier, stronger, and happier. That is priceless, and makes the bittersweet goodbye a bit easier to handle.

Thanks for the kind words Stuart, and to all our former members at PDXstrength that have moved on to different cities, neighborhoods and fitness paths- we miss you and love hearing about your current fitness endeavors!

Hey Jocelyn,

I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to send a note and say thank you. Thank you for your gym and it putting me on a road to health and success. While I no longer go to your gym, the stuff I learned there has stuck with me and helped me progress!

I am currently a member at Fulcrum Fitness, because it has become the most practical gym for this season of my life, with work and school. From the very beginning of joining, I received complements on my form and knowledge of movements. And with every complement received, I provided an acknowledgment of where I learned proper movements…”at PDXstrength, up in St Johns, right next to cathedral park.” 😉

I am still struggling to get a proper pull-up, but every day is better than the last! I am eating better and therefore finding a different kind of success. And really, I would probably never be in a gym regularly without my beginnings at PDX Strength…Until being part of your gym, I had never really worked out or used weights.

Anyway, I just felt the need to reach out and let you know that I am well,  and to sincerely say thank you for helping me down a fitter and healthier life!



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