Our next Nutrition talk topic: Sugar!



Ready for our next Digestion talk?? Not only is nutrition key for performance and aesthetics, but most importantly for your overall health and disease prevention. We want as many members as possible exposed to the hard work that Ken has put into to these nutrition talks…. Ken will graduate with a degree in dietetics in June and has a wealth of knowledge to share with the community. The second talk will cover blood sugar regulation.

This workshop will give you a good idea of what to eat, and why you should avoid sugar for more than just losing weight. Avoiding sugar will help every single organ and tissue in the body, including the outwardly visible ones like skin, hair, teeth, nails, etc.

There is a ton if valuable information in this talk, and Ken will do his best to squeeze it in the 45 minute time frame! Find out how to look and avoid hidden sugars, how much sugar we should be consuming and simple ways for keeping sugar out of your diet.

Cost is free with a suggested drop in fee of $15 or whatever you can afford. Come to bootcamp at 8:30 am, and stay for the talk. Or come to the talk, and then attend our Group Strength and Conditioning class after. The talk will be  May 21st at 9:30 am. 

There will be time for questions and open discussion at the end of each talk. Sign up here: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=45374&stype=-8&sView=day

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