What is your Why?

What’s your Why?
My why behind fitness and PDXstrength? I have so many, here’s just a few I feel like sharing!
Why do I strength train? Why do I do yoga or bust my ass conditioning? I want to feel capable and independent. I want to be able to carry my own bags, move a heavy box, pull my own body over a chin up bar, sprint up the stairs. I don’t want to feel trapped inside my own body, constrained by pain, sickness, weakness or immobility.
I want to defy gravity, age and barriers. At almost 40 I am fitter than when I was 21. Now I’m not a crossfit superstar or world class athlete by any means, but I’m proud that I can say I have more power and strength, I can squat more weight, jump higher and do muscle ups, and still run a respectable 5k time. I fit into the same pants I wore in college thanks to keeping my muscle mass and strength training. I beat men 20 years younger than myself in metcons. I don’t let my age or sex keep me from setting goals that most would deem unrealistic for a middle aged female. Getting older scares the shit out of me, I know someday I won’t be able to do what I can do right now, I’ll get slower and weaker… but what frightens me even more is if I let my age get the best of me, put burden on others to take care of me, or wasn’t able to stay active because I let my muscle atrophy and my joints stiffen. I’m not gonna go out that easy!
My why behind PDXstrength is to help people truly believe in themselves. I want to share my passion and enthusiasm with everyone about fitness! Everyone is capable of so much more than they think they are! There is no quick fix, or rush, it’s all about the journey. Consistency is really all it takes. It isn’t really motivation, but making fitness a habit… it’s amazing when you look back to 6 months ago, a year, 2 years and see how far our athletes have come. When an athlete trusts the process, that’s when the magic happens. They become hooked, their passion grows, they understand the ups and downs of training, and they can’t help but share their enthusiasm with their friends and family.
My why behind PDXstrength isn’t about being the biggest gym. It isn’t about having the fanciest equipment, tanning beds or selling muscle milk. My why is to offer smart and intelligent programming, that is thought out, with the best interest of our athletes in mind. Programming that has a longterm vision to get our athletes stronger, mobile, faster and improve their work capacity. My why is to challenge our athletes to use their fitness outside of the gym, in races, on the mountain, on the playground with their kids. My why is to give our athletes the confidence to try new activities and sports. To enrich their lives by giving them the freedom…. They can try learning how to surf, take a boxing class, do a mud run, enter a triathlon because they are prepared. Giving our athletes options and choices because they are strong, capable and fit is in my opinion priceless.
My why behind PDXstrength is to build a supportive and positive community. Our gym is an accepting and safe place. It’s not a meat market, it’s not competitive, it’s not judgmental. Hate, bad attitudes, and egos just don’t survive in our culture.
My why behind PDXstrength is fostering an environment where form and technique are put on a pedestal. Our athletes move correctly and safely and as a gym, our coaches and athletes have the responsibility to help rather than walk away from someone that isn’t performing a movement correctly. By taking pride in moving well, we understand that we represent PDXstrength outside of the gym. In a competition or when visiting other gyms, our athletes will make us proud when squatting, running, swinging a kettle bell …. because moving well matters!
My why behind PDXstrength is to empower our coaches and provide a caring community of coaches that truly care about our athletes. By encouraging and supporting  our coaches to continue their education, pursue their athletic passions and endeavors, and celebrate their strengths, our coaches will feel appreciated. This positivity will  spill over into our classes and programs. When our coaches are supported, respected and happy…. it creates an amazing atmosphere where athletes and coaches can thrive as a family.
More whys to come… what is your why??11010545_950780898312616_2737131460697066894_n
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