Join us for the Lurong Living Resolution Challenge!

We are doing the 2016 Lurong Living Resolution Challenge! If you are looking to make some serious improvements to your diet and fitness and achieve your New Year’s resolutions, this is your answer. We will be forming a team to work together and even compete against boxes across the country. Everyone can contribute, so we want everyone to make the commitment now.

What is really cool about this Challenge is that everything is tracked on the Challenge site and you earn points for everything. You get to compete in WODs like the Opens, and see exactly how much you improve your body composition and performance. There are 3 diet and WOD skill levels, so nobody has an excuse to sit this one out!

It comes with a 5-week meal plan, recipe book, and tons of online support. Bottom line, we want everyone to get involved and do it together. You can compete for the team and as an individual at the same time, so there is something for everyone. The Challenge is also the perfect way to invite one of your friends, co-workers, or family members to try out workouts at PDXstrength. It will be an experience they won’t forget! We will be doing the workouts on Sunday at open gym, or you are more than welcome to do them any time that works for you at the gym!

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