Get Started this Summer and Fall 2015!

Ready to start your fitness journey with our next round of PDX101 classes? What a  perfect way to kick off a healthy and strong lifestyle!  Our intro classes are designed to meet you at your current fitness level, no matter where you are!  Cost is $130 for 10 classes. We take pride in our athletes moving well, and our 101 and Prep courses build the foundation so you can succeed, prevent injuries and become an even better athlete.   Participants that have graduated from our 101 and Prep courses and have moved on to our group strength and conditioning programs, have had life changing experiences. Elimination of pain, weight loss, mobility, and the freedom to move their bodies in ways they had only imagined when they first started our programs are just a few of the amazing changes we witness on a daily basis.   For more information and to sign up, use the link below!



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