How to build a better Butt!

Ready to build a strong, powerful and shapely butt? It’s time to fire up those glutes, and learn how to activate those beautiful buns! Get ready to lift, shape and experience the best strength training program to activate those glutes. This 5 week workshop series, will meet once a week, as well as send you home with 2 strength training sessions to do at home or at the gym every week. This class is for ALL Levels.

Guaranteed your glutes will grow, you will learn how to use the most powerful muscles you possess, and your athletic performance will soar. Cost is only $85 Sign up with this link.


“Big, powerful glutes are great, not just because they make you look good in a tight pair of jeans, but also, as all booty enthusiasts know, because a strong butt sets the stage for safe, heavy lifting in the gym, faster sprints, and a solid and injury-free lower back. More often than not, those with a strong set of glutes tend to display better movement patterns in the deadlift, squat, and a whole range of other exercises than those with a weak and flabby butt, and they also have lower incidence of back and knee pain. Since the GM is the largest muscle in the human body – and also at the center of the posterior chain – these observations don’t really come as a surprise.”
Eirik Garnas

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