A few quick tips for your Dead lift!


The deadlift is one of my favorite exercises. It’s great for strengthening your posterior chain and should be incorporated into your strength training routine. Here are a few key points to remember for your dead lift set up.

1. Start with the bar over the knots of your shoe laces, about an inch away from your shins in a stance that you would perform a vertical jump from.

2. Your shoulders should be slightly in front of the bar on your set up, so looking down your scapulas would be aligned over the center of the bar.

3. Grip the bar in a hook grip, allowing room to push your knees out slightly, squeeze your chest up, and lock your back into extension. Pick the bar up, so it stays close or in contact with your shines and thighs, and think of the bar traveling in one straight line.

Dead Lift Tips from Jocelyn Streng on Vimeo.

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