Wednesday Group Strength and Conditioning

5 rounds for time of:

-1-min. handstand hold

-21 toes-to-bars

Scaling: Folks with difficulty holding an upside-down position should lower their feet for an elevated plank hold or a plank with feet on the ground. It could be fun to pair up with a partner and have them count seconds of the hold, so you know where to pick up where you left off. Advanced or mobile members can scale up to strict toes to bar or use the stall bar. If the athlete has the mobility and strength for quality reps on the stall bar, consider scaling the volume to something they can manage in 2-3 sets per round, for example -1-min. handstand hold -10 strict TTB If it takes a very long time to accumulate your minute of handstand, consider scaling the number of rounds to 4

Beginners can do hanging knee raises or hollow rocks

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