Wednesday Group Strength and Conditioning


5 rounds

-10 alternating ATG split squats

– 8 GHD Hip extension, arch up, twisting arch up, circle arch up or hamstring raises according to ability



For the ATG split squat, build weight across sets according to ability.

Test the unweighted standard in the first set

If you cannot straighten the back leg or feel restricted, regress as follows by elevating the front foot and/or using a brace

If you can do the unweighted standard or close then add weight. Today we will add weight with dumbbells in each hand

Start with 5% bodyweight in each hand and aim for good form.

Experienced athletes who have done this, Don’t go heavier than 25% bodyweight in each hand



GHD hip extension

Twisting arch up

Circle arch up

Hamstring raise

Regress the hamstring raise by holding a PVC pipe vertically against the floor or using a band

Further hamstring raise regressions are here

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