Wednesday Group Strength and Conditioning



-10 arms overhead air squat. Keep elbows straight, touch elbows together behind your head if you can

-10 side to side squat

-10 deep lunges

-10 pike squat

-10 reverse lunge crossover step

-10 twisting squat*

-10 jumping deck squat or single leg deck squat

-10 goblet squat

-10 weighted cossack squat

-10 jump lunges

-10 squat to one leg extensions

-10 bottom-up pistols


If you cannot perform or scale any step in the warm up, do the last movement you could perform well.


* for twisting squat, use soft mat and go barefoot. Use hands for assistance if needed. If you can’t get out of the bottom then focus on controlling the lowering phase


WOD = 6 sets

-30 goblet squats

-20 airsquats

-2 min rest between sets

*same weight as last week



-1 min curled seiza

-1 min seated pike

-1 min half hurdler each side

-1 min couch stretch each side”

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