Saturday Group Strength and Conditioning


-Systems check 1


-1 min monostructural (run, jumprope, ride, row, or jog in place)

-10 air squats

-8 odd object swings (if you can’t get a warm up weight, lifts or light swings to warm up)

-30 s rocking table stretch

-8 curls each arm


WOD: For Time

-50-40-30-20-10 reps of single arm curls *

-10-20-30-40-50 reps of odd object Swings **



Cool down


-1 min supine shoulder extension ***

-1 min Outside-inside-outside back  ****




* Alternate between bicep curls and hammer curls in successive sets. For example, if do 50hammer curls, 40 bicep curls, 30 hammer curls, 20 bicep curls etc

You can increase the weight of the curls as the reps go down. Do all reps in a set on one arm before moving to the other.

Keep elbows glued to sides

Flex and extend arm fully. Pause briefly at the end of each range of motion.

Hammer curl:

Bicep curl:


** Use Russian KB swing style of motion. Objects may be awkward and we don’t want them overhead.




Try to keep hands together and extend as deeply as possible into shoulder extension.


With the hands together, extend as deeply as possible into shoulder extension.

Pay special attention to your elbows. No discomfort. only go as deep into the stretch as the elbows can comfortably handle




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