Saturday at PDXstrength

short Skill session
3 rounds not for time: (any weight is OK)
-5 kb overhead squats (each arm). One arm at a time
-10 single arm kb swings (each arm)
-50 foot suitcase carry (each arm)
WOD 2= 4 rounds for time:
-400m run
-7 bar muscle ups
-8 arch hollow rolls
Members who have success with KB snatch can use it in WOD 1 . Otherwise use one armed Russian swing. Members who have difficulty getting kettlebells overhead may use dumbbells for the WOD, and may also use split squats
No weight is prescribed. The emphasis is on keeping the arm straight, and back straight while heels are on the ground. Only go as deep or as good technique will allow.
Scale bar muscle up to jumping bar muscle up
Feel free to mix and match muscle up styles according to your experience, for example start your first round with jumping muscle ups, change the height on the next round. Work on negatives on the next round.
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