Monday Group Strength and Conditioning

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:

-9 dumbbell deadlifts

-6 burpees

-3 dumbbell power cleans (40/60) (30/45) (20/30)



WOD 2= 7 sets of 5 per side in 14 minutes

-ATG split squat

. This is a rate of 5 reps per minute, so please do not try to rush. The goal is quality. Go unweighted and aim for gentle end range of motion in the front hip flexors (keep the back leg straight).  Use elevation if you need.  If you can  keep your back knee off the ground and get close to touching your hamstring with the front heel, then you can add weight with dumbbells. Don’t go more than 20% bodyweight per  hand”

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