Monday Group Strength and Conditioning


1) W= 15 tuck up.

M= 5r each side Stiff Legged Windmill


2) W= 15 straddle up.

M= 5 Jefferson curl


3) W= 15 V-up.

M= 30s Pike Lean


4) W= 5 half-tuck Hanging Leg Lift.

M= 30s standing weighted pike hang



5) W= 5 half Hanging Leg Lift.

M= 5 reps vertical pike walk


6) W= 5 reps of 10 s descent Hanging Leg Lift Negative.

M= 5 reps vertical pike pull




WOD: Perform 5 sets of the work mobility combo that is appropriate for your level.  You will know you are at the right level when you can move with good form, continuously through 5 sets with minimal rest, although it may be challenging.

Use the mastery chart so scale within a combo to a work set rep range that is appropriate for you.

Mobility reps always stay the same.  In the mastery chart, if the target reps are 5, use the row with 5 reps as the goal to scale to the rep scheme closest to  your level if you are unable to complete 5 sets of 5 reps


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