Monday Group Strength and Conditioning

WOD 1: 5 sets

-2 rope climbs *

-5 thrusters (build to heavy set of 5)


WOD 2: 6 Min AMRAP

-Row 1000m

-Complete as many wall balls as possible in remaining time


We will be working toward legless rope climbs in consideration of the short height we have to work with and the advantage of not having to worry about rope burn etc

Scaling as follows:

Attempt as much of the rope climb in L-sit position as possible. Don’t worry if you come out of L-sit.

Scale legless rope climbs by grabbing as high as you can on the rope (jump if you can) and doing a controlled legless descent.  Use 3 descents to count for rope climb. The next scaling step would be 5 strict pull ups per rope climb. Use singles if needed. The next scale would be to accumulate 20 seconds with your chin over the bar as one rope climb.

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