Monday Group Strength and Conditioning

This week we will be making sure everyone recovers from the sprint stimulus and will be giving you tools to focus on your movement basics.

The goals of today are to continue lower leg adaptation stimulus (gently). Get an idea of easy aerobic pacing, And get nervous system activation + proprioreception throughout the “core”.  Aims are to keep it playful. Core work should be intense but have everything feeling “”better”” when you are done.



400m no run,

Practice songs and chants for WOD.  For example you can make up version of  “I don’t know but I’ve been told”



12 minutes Kenyan queue run. Keep 6 ft apart, and conversational pace except when running to front.

Last person in queue picks up speed to run to the front. This does not have to be a sprint.

Lead runner monitor pace so that last runner can get to the front without too much difficulty.

Pace should be conversational.

Middle two runners are responsible for keeping up a call and answer song or chant. Be loud an clear enough that group can repeat.

If you feel like you need more work, then you can speed up your sprint when moving to the front of the line.


Stretch session. Count this as a group and stay in synch

-10 pike squat

-10 side to side squat

-90s standing pancake

-10 outside inside outside back.  Be sure to gently test your end range of motion with a slight bounce at each step, including the “ back”.

-wrist series

-10 cat cow


WOD 2 mixed old school with the new, and comes to you from none other than Frank Medrano himself (now 62 years young) !

Today’s WOD is modified from the following.


just for reference, here is Frank in his 50s


Review each movement so every athlete has some tips and modifications they can use in the WOD. If athletes feel they are failing the movement before 30s, they can slow down. If they get to stop, then just hold plank (any version) until the end of 30s.  If plank fails. Then hollow body planchet lean from the knees.  Have fun with this and Don’t stress !


30s work + 20 s rest for each of the following

-plank get up to arm leg lift

-body saw

-180 degree rotating plank reach

-elbow plank knee ins

-2 plank jacks + 2 knee to elbow (modified from video)

-Rest 30 s-

-side plank walk

-mountain climbers front foot flat

-reverse plank  scale to table pose if you can’t keep body straight or hips up

-side plank crunch  Scale to elbow or side arch up

-opposite side plank crunch

-elbow plank hold


If any steps are super easy for you. Focus on elongating and pulling your belly button to your spine. IF that is still very easy, then extend the length of the hold and reduce rest.


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