Friday Group Strength and Conditioning

Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
-15 toes-to-bars
-50-ft. handstand walk
Scaling options
Modify the movements and reps so you can complete 2-3 rounds quickly and unbroken, then hang on for as many more rounds in the remaining time. Try to find a modification for the handstand walk that still gets you inverted.
Scale TTB
-5 stall bar negatives for those who can. Singles are fine (upscale)
-5 strict TTB for those who can. Singles are fine (upscale)
– Knee raises (downscale)
Scale handstand walk to:
– 10 handstand bails
-25 hip taps
-25 shoulder taps
-2 wall walks
Scaling handstand bails:
Handstand bail Version 1 Attempt 10 alternating side cartwheels. Do what is comfortable. Limbs don’t have to be straight. Some beginner progressions
Handstand bail Version 2. From a wall facing handstand (any angle you can maintain is OK). Step one hand forward and bring the same side leg down
Try to alternate sides.
Workout 2= 5 rounds GB rope climb
Work = Bent arm chin hang (palms facing toward you)
Mobility = 5 reps Overgrip bent pull . Use beginner pull up bars. Take your time to stretch everything from hips and lower back to shoulders.
1) Come to a stand by pulling down strongly on the bar.
2) Sink deeply into the stretch at the bottom of each rep.
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