PDX 101

 PDXstrength Athletes start off with PDX 101, prior to jumping into our Group Strength and Conditioning classes.  

We take pride in moving well, and for your safety as well as getting maximal results, it’s important to make sure you have a good foundation and knowledge of lifts, movements and exercises performed at PDXstrength. This also is helpful to our existing members so that our regular classes run smoothly and every athlete gets  attention and coaching with every class. PDX 101  will give you the knowledge and confidence to prepare you for our classes and programs. Whether you are a newbie, been out of the workout game for a bit, or would like to have a good grasp on our program, our  intro courses will make your transition into PDXstrength comfortable and relaxed. PDX101 is a two month program. PDX101 classes are held twice a week.

Note: Week 7 is devoted to making up any classes they had to miss during the program. This way you can make up any days you might have had to miss!

(If you already have a good foundation of strength and conditioning,   contact Jocelyn so we can start you with the appropriate classes.)

What Classes can I drop into right away without going through PDX 101?

For those of you that want to sweat, smile and get a good workout catered to all levels  without taking our 101 series, we have classes that can accommodate this!   Our Bootcamps, Yoga, Run Club, HIIT, Butt and Gut, SwŌle class, Kettlebell Club, Stand Up Paddle board Fitness, Skateboarding/Snowboarding Conditioning and most Workshop series are  scaleable and  any level can dive in and get a great workout!  Please see our current schedule for times and days these classes are offered. These classes do not require our 101 course.

Group Strength & Conditioning

Our Group Strength and Conditioning classes vary day to day, designed to improve strength, power, speed, flexibility, muscular endurance and cardiorespiratory fitness.

Our classes are programmed to get you results. We want every athlete at PDXstrength to succeed, whether it is by  eliminating pain, losing weight, building strength, getting faster, improving technique, mobility gains or making friends in the community.  With PDXstrength classes, you’re not paying for a “place” to go exercise or for the use of equipment. You won’t be mindlessly wasting away hours watching TV on the elliptical or reading a magazine while you work out. You are purchasing individual instruction, programming, nutritional coaching, as well as personal modifications and development every time you come to class. You will be a part of a warm, smiling, supportive, positive and inspiring community that constantly challenges you and truly cares about your well-being and health.

Please note: PDXstrength athletes must demonstrate understanding and use of fundamental movements from PDX 101  prior to jumping into our Group Strength & Conditioning classes.

How do I sign up  and pay for classes?

To maximize everyone’s experience we appreciate that you sign up for classes online prior to class start time. That way there will be an appropriate coach to student ratio,  help classes run smoothly so payment and waivers are taken care of, and we can prevent overcapacity during busy times.  We use the software Mindbody to register athletes and take payments.  Go to the class signups tab,  and create your mind body account. You will be able to choose whether you want to pay per class, for a membership or purchase a series of classes.

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