Let’s talk about… diet culture

Let’s talk about… diet culture

What is it? 

A set of beliefs that idolises thinness, appearance, size and shape above all else – including an individual’s wellbeing and happiness 

 It conditions people to thinking healthy = thin, and that by achieving this thin ideal image, you are morally superior to others 

It normalises negative self-talk and feelings of hyper-vigilance around food (inc. food choices, eating habits etc.) and can lead to feelings of shame

…basically it’s TOXIC AF and is rooted in capitalism, racism and sexism 

Here as some steps you can take to start to eliminate diet culture:

Avoid body-talk – both talking about your own body AND others! Even what you may think is a compliment may not be interpreted the same by the recipient. I need to work on this!

 Unfollow toxic accounts and instead, follow accounts that showcase a variety of different body types

 Get educated – read about body acceptance/neutrality, anti-diet culture

We are here to take more about this. I’ve been battling all of the above for years and it’s a day by day process healing.

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